The Perfect Matcha Green Tea Latte!

The Perfect Matcha Green Tea Latte!

There are three qualities we look for when searching out the perfect matcha latte:

  • Smoothness - the powder needs to be stirred well, as matcha green tea powder doesn’t dissolve like sugar does in liquid, you need to create a smooth suspension!

  • Creaminess - not too much water, the right milk, frothed to just the right consistency (not that we’re picky!) 

  • Oh-so greeniness - a true vibrant green colour is found in the best quality ceremonial matcha green teas.

Matcha latte has the best of everything and will warm you from inside on even the coldest of days. When the temperature rises, use cold milk and pour over ice.



1 tsp Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder

3 tbsp warm water

300ml vanilla almond milk (or milk of your choice)

optional - sweetener (maple syrup or agave syrup)



  1. Place the matcha green tea powder into a cup or mug.

  2. Add the warm water and mix with a spoon or whisk to get a super smooth consistency and ensure the mixture is not lumpy.

  3. Warm your milk in a saucepan. We recommend vanilla almond milk for the best results, the vanilla brings the sweetness and the almond a certain depth of flavour. 

  4. Add the milk to the cup or mug and whisk the paste and milk together until well combined. 

  5. Dust with matcha green tea powder and love to finish, and serve with our crunchy water lily seeds Japanese Gems :)


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