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Conscious snacking

An ancient Eastern super seed to nourish your mind , body and soul

Popped water lily snack

Popped water lily snack

A bite of India’s culinary Wisdom

We all know waterlily flowers. Yet, we were quite surprised when we realised that waterlily seeds were not only edible but also really yummy and highly nutritious! So glad that "explore and rejuvenate" was our moto...  It gave us the opportunity to sit with elders in a tiny village of Bihar and taste locally popped waterlily seeds for the first time.
Without the right state of mind, we might have never rediscovered this humble ancestral snack!

We investigated further to discover that waterlily seeds had been sustainably harvested by local asian farmers for centuries. Once harvested, the seeds are dried and air-popped using the same traditional know-how since generations. 

Popped waterlily seeds are a super food known for its great nutritional value and used since centuries from food to Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.

Now guess what... With Oh Lily, we are sharing our discovery with all the foodies who choose to be aware.

Stand out and shine!

One bite at a time join the snacking revolution! 

We first dreamt of Oh Lily during a trip to India. We embarked on a culinary journey to feed our minds, hearts and souls. 

We had long been convinced that to eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art!

The second we discovered locally grown Waterlily seeds, we knew we would bring this ancient superfood back home to spread the love. We added our gourmet touch to the popped waterlily seeds and Oh Lily was born. Life is not a race, and we were so grateful for taking the scenic route. Because without mindfullness, we miss on the delicious beauty of small things around us....

Since that first day, we have kept on playing with spices and nutritious ingredients to create simple recipes. We aim for high values without ever compromising on taste. We cook with all our heart.

With Oh Lily you know exactly what you are eating!

It's tasty, crunchy and GOOD FOR YOU!


Being naturally gluten-free, vegan  friendly, waterlily seeds are a nutritious pop. Oh Lily is deliciously different, yet guilt-free! When creating the Oh Lily gourmet experience we source high quality ingredients as much as possible with our spices freshly grounded and always prepare small batches.

"We want to give our customers a crisp, crunchy and delicious Oh Lily popping experience", says the chef

Mother nature is generous with nutritious ingredients. That is all we need to create magic in our Camden based kitchen ;).


LilyPop founders

Les parisiennes in love with food



We are Dewi and Govinda, two sisters who can safely call themselves "Les parisiennes in love with food". 

Our parents met in Paris at an Indian restaurant. Our mom was born in Indonesia and had chosen France as the country of her heart. Our dad lived his childhood in France but visited India for the first time in his twenties and never stopped loving this fascinating land. 

No wonder why we love eating and food from around the world!

Since the youngest age, we have been taught to fight our fears, get out there, live our dreams, spread the love and trust life to show us the way.

I am Dewi and a full time foodie !

First thing I read about when travelling is the local food I will experience. 

I am a foodie at heart and I believe that foreign culture also travels through my plate. Of all the destinations I have visited, India has become my very favourite place to explore and rejuvenate. Everytime I go I leave a peace of my heart behind and I bring home lots of culinary inspirations. 

I will never forget the day I discovered popped water lily seeds. I immediately knew I had found something rare & nutritious that I had to bring home and share with my friends and family. 

That day was the ultimate reward for a passionate "food explorer". 


I am Gov, the little sister and the chef !

Time runs by when I am in a kitchen experimenting to please the palate of my friends and family. A few years back I travelled and worked in India and Indonesia before returning home my pockets filled with culinary ideas and asian spices. 

Dewi says that was the beginning of my journey as a "food artist". That is usually when I start blushing... Though I must admit I have simply loved those years cooking  fusion vegetarian & Satvik food for yoga retreats on the french Riviera!

It was then only natural to join my older sister on a challenge to come up with something innovative and gourmet using popped water lily seeds she had brought back from India. 

That was the begining of an exciting journey to bring Oh Lily to life.

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