Oh Lily! story

Oh Lily! is the creation of two French foodie sisters with a passion to share their aspiration for a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Their secret ingredient is LOVE!
"Those two are obsessed with food!", say our loved ones about us, and we can’t argue with them!
The kitchen is where we spend most of our time, going crazy cooking food inspired by our French and Asian roots.
We make it a priority for every meal to be good and make us feel good. We believe what we eat should nourish our body, mind & soul.
So why should it be different when it comes to snacks?!
During a trip to India we rediscovered the power of water lily seeds, which are highly regarded in Ayurveda for their nutritional powers. We were immediately seduced by their crunchy texture and started to develop recipes around them:
Oh Lily! was born.