The best benefit of exercise and no it's not about weight!

The best benefit of exercise and no it's not about weight! - Oh Lily!

Exercise to be happy !


Exercising can be associated with challenging, hard and painful. But it doesn’t have to be related to competition or forcing yourself to laborious physical sufferings.

Guess what? Exercising is a source of happiness. It is actually a great accessible and simple way to balance body and mind and feel good!

You might have heard of endorphins? Also called the hormones of happiness. They are “feel-good hormones” released when exercising.

Professor Wendy Suzuki said during a TED talk that “simply moving your body, has immediate, long-lasting and protective benefits for your brain”.

When exercising your release plenty of good chemicals that benefit your body as well as your mind. Serotonin, norepinephrine, BDNF and dopamine are part of them and combine with endorphins it will boost your mood and help to relieve both anxiety and depression.

Remember that great feeling when you dance as nothing else matters? The lightness you feel after a good swim in the ocean? Or the bliss after a day trekking in the mountains or simply that long walk you decided to take?

Exercise has many ways which are endless possibilities of increasing your wellbeing.

Choose to move the way you want and be happy! No pressure 😊


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