Dolce Vita: How to Embrace the Sweet Life

Dolce Vita: How to Embrace the Sweet Life - Oh Lily!

What is exactly La Dolce Vita?

La Dolce vita translates as the sweet Italian way of life! Moreover,it is the best way to travel to Italy!


 At Oh Lily! we have released a new summer flavour: our crunchy popped water lily seeds dusted with tomato and black olives, and it is called “Dolce Vita”!

Inspiration Behind the Flavor

This new recipe is inspired by our travels to Italy and we wanted to share with you that enchanting feeling we fall in love with every time we visit Italy: La Dolce Vita! It literally means “the sweet life” and

Embracing the Italian Lifestyle: Steps to La Dolce Vita


·       Amore:

Put Love in all you do and Eat!


·       Slow down:

Take time to do the things that make you happy. Remember you are a human being and not a “human doing”! Thus, don’t feel bad about doing nothing, we all need to pause and take some me time.


·       Celebrate Life:

Celebrate the little things in your daily life, they are what makes our happiness. Furthermore,do not hesitate to celebrate even little achievements because those little steps are what makes the big ones.


·       Warmth & hospitality are symbol of Italy.

 Warmth & hospitality are symbols of Italy. Meet people and be friendly. In fact, those simple encounters can bring lots of joy! For example, choose to go to the farmers market to meet the real people behind our fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of food. Consequently, you will get another kind of appreciation when you eat later 😊


·       Express yourself, be alive that is la Dolce Vita:

Do not be scared to express your emotions. If you have ever witnessed a conversation between Italians, you know what I mean! Be it positive or negative, release it! Communication is key so show what you feel! “Bellisima! Mamamia!! Mi amorrrr! Delizioso!” et tutti quanti…!


·      Additionally, feel beautiful, love yourself! Treat yourself the Italian way, be romantic! 😉


·       Live in the now: We have tendencies to always look for the next step, for what is next. Instead appreciate what is there already and enjoy the moment, life is now.


·       Indulge & let yourself being seduced! How does a lazy lunch on a sunny spot sound like??


·       La Familia and la Dolce Vita

Share happiness with your loved ones, the ultimate joy is when you can share it isn’t it?


·       Lastly ,treat people like family. We are all connected after all.


 Now travel with your taste buds and live la Dolce vita here

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