Rituals for Autumn: Ayurveda's Guide to Nourishing Your Body as the Weather Gets Colder

Rituals for Autumn: Ayurveda's Guide to Nourishing Your Body as the Weather Gets Colder
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Today is the Autumnal Equinox, , the time of year when day and night are of equal length and when the weather begins to get colder. Many cultures have rituals around this important time of year. Ayurveda has some of its own rituals to celebrate the season, many of which focus on nourishing our bodies and minds in order to stay balanced even as the weather changes.

Tips From Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, treats illness and disease by encouraging balance within the body and mind. Autumn is the perfect time to nourish yourself through this ancient practice—not only will you look and feel better, but you’ll also set the foundation for long-term health, too!

Here are rituals to restore energy and detoxify your body naturally in time for winter.In autumn prirotise practices that promote healing, rejuvenation, and renewal.


In autumn equinox ayurveda season, slow down and nourish your body. Try  rituals like giving gratitude before eating,  learning from nature in autumn how to let go,gathering with friends and family around nourishing meals.

What To Eat In Autumn

Autumn is all about nourishment, both mental and physical. When the weather gets colder it's easy to indulge in comfort foods with warming spices like cinnamon and cardamom, which help support digestion and strengthen your immune system. Warm milk before bed or oatmeal in the morning are also excellent choices when cold temperatures make it difficult to digest heavy foods or when you're looking for something light. 

In addition to treating yourself during autumn, remember to take care of yourself by doing things that bring you joy throughout the year such as taking long walks on clear days, getting enough sleep at night, meditating every day, reading a book that excites you or listening to music while cooking dinner. Autumn is a perfect time to nurture your connection with nature too. Try finding beauty in little moments by slowing down, going for walks outside and observing the change of colors outside. These little moments can be very healing especially when we might not have much time for ourselves due to busy schedules

What To Drink In Autumn


A typical autumn drink might be hot cider, pumpkin spice latte, or a traditional Indian chai. However, each of these drinks also have added sugar that is not good for your body. A better way to enjoy hot beverages in fall and winter is to use  many spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice and ginger while still giving you that autumnal flavor you crave. You can make tea with organic cinnamon and cloves (optional). You can also buy ready-made autumn-flavored teas from health food stores. These come with various herbs like dried rose hips, dried sage leaves, orange peel and apple peel.

Autumn equinox in ayurveda  is the time to slow down and nourish our bodies by eating seasonal fruits such as apples, pears, persimmons, quince and figs. The fruit season will continue until December when we get the winter solstice but the main fruit available at this time are grapes which contain no juice inside them but they do carry much nutritional value.

How To Prepare For Winter

Taking time during autumn to slow down and nourish your body is a valuable habit that you can carry into winter. As we experience darker days and colder weather, this becomes even more important. The way you care for yourself now can have an effect on how you experience winter as well. The best way to prepare is with a few simple changes in your routine, like incorporating more protein into each meal, or drinking more liquids that warm your body from the inside out. There are many rituals associated with the season of harvest that also help make it easier to transition into winter.

Here are some practices you might want to try in Autumn

  • - Add spices like ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric to your cooking throughout the fall months. These ingredients can be used not only for flavor but also to ease digestion and reduce inflammation.
  • - Fall vegetables like squash, pumpkin, carrots and parsnips are great when roasted in coconut oil until tender 
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A final note about using foods to ease the seasonal transition: because our mood is often lower during this time of year, it’s important to focus on eating healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, and omega 3-rich foods. These will keep your mood stable so you don’t get too low when the sun sets earlier and stays low in the sky for longer periods of time.


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