Morning Routine: Start Your Day Relaxed

Morning Routine: Start Your Day Relaxed - Oh Lily!

Add some crunch into your morning routine 

The morning routine can be the most productive part of your day , but if you start it off on the wrong foot, you’ll end up wasting time and energy or even getting stressed out. Before you head out the door in the morning, take some time to make sure your body and mind are ready to work productively and calmly so that you can make the most of your day from start to finish. Here are some ideas for making your morning routine relaxing instead of rushed and hectic!

Create an Emotional Connection to  start your day right

When you get in the habit of starting your day off on the right foot, it sets you up for less stress and more enjoyment during the rest of your day. Start by taking five minutes to calm yourself down and center yourself with a little meditation. Find what works best for you. Maybe you take time each morning to read your favorite book or listen to relaxing music. Perhaps you focus on your breathing to make sure that everything is going well. Regardless of how you choose to do it, meditation can help create an emotional connection between mind and body which will help reduce any anxiety that might arise later in the day. yo will find your calm and enhancu yourmorning routine

Start Small, Don’t Overload Yourself

When the alarm goes off, start small. Use affirmations and gratitude to turn your day around. Before you start your day in full force, take some time to reflect on what you're grateful for and what's going well. Say aloud three positive thoughts that make you feel good about yourself or that describe the way you want others to think of you (e.g., I'm strong, I'm amazing, people love me).

After each affirmation, focus on how it makes you feel before repeating the next one.

If you find it difficult to come up with something on your own, try listing out five things that went well this week or are happening today. You can also list five things you are thankful for from yesterday and today.

Incorporate Yoga and Breathing in your mornig routine

Before starting your day, start yourself off by doing a few moments of yoga and meditation. Yoga can make you feel more refreshed for the day. Some yoga poses that may help calm you down in the morning are child's pose, sitting forward bend, easy pose and shoulder stand. With this routine, you'll be able to stretch out those sore muscles from sleeping too much or too little while getting rid of any anxiety or stress that has built up overnight. Not only will yoga work on releasing any tension, but it will also help you breathe deeply which calms both the mind and body. Yoga is like a warm blanket of relaxation and I personally think it's one of the best ways to begin your day!

Keep Going


Morning rituals can be very personal and customized depending on your current lifestyle. The general idea is to center yourself, cultivate your positive energy, and do one thing that will ease your mind. Mantras can be anything from short phrases like I am whole or life loves me, an affirmation may be about creating more balance in your life, whereas an act of gratitude could involve expressing what you are grateful for. Another simple yet powerful morning routine involves meditation. There are many different types of meditation which focus on various aspects of your life such as healing, peace, gratitude, and happiness. Meditation promotes relaxation which helps calm the nerves while also getting the brain ready for the day ahead by freeing it up from worries and distracting thoughts.
What's your morning ritual?

Make it Part of Your Daily Schedule


Start your day the right way with these relaxing activities. Wake up and wash your face in cold water for about 10 seconds. This will make your pores shrink, which will tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Next, take some time to do some yoga or stretching. When you start this practice you might want to set an alarm so that you're giving yourself enough time to stretch properly. This can help improve flexibility, increase strength, and release tension in tight muscles.

Expect Challenges


Most days are pretty simple, but some days will be more difficult than others. It is important to have an idea of what to do if you're feeling restless or panicked in the morning. Here are some things that might help.
Begin by taking deep breaths as you move through your morning routine and use mantras or soothing words as needed.

During difficult times, it is also important to practice self-compassion and be gentle with yourself. You may want to try practicing mindfulness exercises such as sitting quietly and breathing deeply for a few minutes each day. Doing something relaxing like reading, coloring, painting, or drawing can be helpful too.

There are many strategies out there that may work for you depending on what feels right in the moment. Whatever strategy works best for you is fine so long as it brings peace and calm into your life.

Celebrate Every Win

Every win counts, and every morning is an opportunity for you. Here are five ways to start your day the right way and set yourself up for success all day long.
Plan what you'll eat the night before – breakfast is especially important when your alarm goes off, so think about what you'll put in the blender or bread machine, or have ready in your fridge. Have some fun time awake and alone while everyone else is sleeping. Meditate, read, write. Journal about how you're feeling. Clean up any messes from last night's dinner or bathtime that might be there waiting for you in the morning. Organize anything that needs it - your desk drawer, the kitchen pantry - make sure everything has its place and takes only seconds to find. Get dressed while drinking a big glass of water to help hydrate throughout the day ahead.

Add Pleasant Surprises to your morning routine

Morning is the only time I allow myself to have a cup of coffee. After your morning meditation and tea/water, enjoy a good breakfast. It sets you up for the day in such a way that you won't need an afternoon pick-me-up. Choose foods that nourish you and give you energy. For example, start your day off with a hearty bowl of oatmeal or choose baked goods that are wholesome like banana breads or zucchini muffins. The key is to find what works best for you and then do it.
A mantra, quote, song lyric or scripture can also be included at this point if desired.
For us, a healthy breakfast helps me focus on my day ahead.

Savoury or sweet breakfast, we got your back with perfect toppings

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