Oh Lily! at a central London vegan market : Be the Future at Canopy market

Oh Lily! at a central London vegan market : Be the Future at Canopy market - Oh Lily!

At Oh Lily! we love meeting you at the vegan market in central London.

   At Oh Lily! we couldn't be prouder of all the markets we've done over these last few years. From small local farmers’ markets to internationally renowned ones like Borough Market! Every event  is an opportunity for us to get out there and meet wonderful people from near or far who share their love for Oh Lily!, see old friends along with introducing new ones to taste some delicious  and nutritious water lily seeds snacks and talking about what makes them tick: Food!!  We're looking forward very much towards this weekend in King cross London!

     If you are a vegan, living or traveling in London, you are in luck! There's a whole market dedicated to you and your needs. Veganism is becoming more popular each year, and the collaboration between the Canopy market and Be the Future market reflects that. Indeed, one of the best vegan market in central London. 

     Be The Future Events was created to bring more conscious options to the community and expose the great local small businesses. The name Be The Future came from actions we can do now in the present to help our future. Be The Change, Be The Future. Imagine a world where your actions are the only thing that changes. You can be an agent for positive change in this one!

We are  betting you're thinking about how amazing it would feel to make all those things happen—to really bring about some improvements around us and into our lives (especially when they don't seem too appealing). But we know what's even better: becoming someone who inspires others with their courage; setting examples we should emulate ourselves after,"We must act." So take action now--be The Future!

Terry contacted us via Instagram 3 years back for the first event in Hackney, we were instantly touched by his kindness and since then, even through the pandemic, continue to collaborate with him and Be The Future events. We share a passion for service and the importance of a greater purpose.

At this vegan-founded market, you will find an amazing selection of vegan products like cheese, kimchi, fine chocolate, sauces, gluten-free desserts, snacks, spread, sushi rolls, skincare, candles, and many others.

Come meet the best vegan and ethical small businesses in your town! You'll be able to find all sorts of new things and upgrade your shopping with more conscious choices. Plus you can learn about how animal-free living has benefits that go beyond just being environmentally friendly - it’s also healthier for us humans too (and our pets!).


    For all those reasons we are so excited to collaborate once again with Be the Future and Canopy market  to bring you the hottest snacks in town : the water lily seeds to nourish your mind, body and soul. Oh Lily! snacks are not just delicious and refreshing, they will also nourish your mind with their nutritious qualities. The water lily plant has long been known for healing ailments from head to toe so this is a great way of getting all the benefits in one little package! These tasty treats contain minerals like magnesium that help maintain strong bones as well mental clarity among other things - what more could you ask?


    Come to the central London family, kids and pets friendly event. There is a pet station with water for you as well! It's a must-visit for anyone in the area who wants to enjoy delicious plant-based foods and more!

 Join us and take care of yourself! You won't be disappointed.

🗓 8th, 9th & 10 July 

⏰ Fri 12:00 - 20:00 | Sat/Sun 11am - 6pm
📍Canopy Market - West Handyside N1C4BH
☂️ Outdoor covered
🎟 Free entry
🌾 GF options available
♿️ Wheelchair Friendly
👶🏼 Child Friendly
🐶 Dog Friendly


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