Part 2 of Our Getting to Know the Oh Lily! Founders Dewi & Gov. 

Dewi & Gov, you also love to travel! So let us know…

How many countries have you visited?

Dewi: Not too many actually as I prefer to visit people than a country itself. Also I am not really a “visit" person so I need a lot of time when I travel, at least 2-3 weeks as the bare minimum to mix touristy places and time to sit at a local café and watch people. People-watching is my favourite activity when travelling!

Gov: I don’t like to count, travelling is more about quality than quantity! You can discover so many different landscapes and cultures in the same country. You can have countless unique journeys in just the one country.


What are your favourite destinations and why?

Gov: I find myself travelling a lot to Asia. Maybe because I feel a natural connection and being in this part of the world a soothing effect on me. Having both French and Indonesian roots, but living in the western world, when I am in Asia, it’s like spending time with that other part of me! 

Dewi: I keep going back to India! It really has everything from great food to spiritual nourishment.


Where haven’t you been yet that you would like to go?

Dewi: I would love to visit Japan, how they mix traditions and modernity fascinates me. And should we talk about Japanese food and stationery?!

Gov: New Zealand to witness its nature.

What items can’t you travel without?

Gov: A book, some matches, one clean pillow case (we never know what place we will end up sleeping!) and a Swiss army knife, a habit kept from when I was a girl scout.

Dewi: A notebook and a pen. I collect notebooks, they are treasures and the pages are filled with local recipes, coffee shops etc.

Do you prefer company or to travel alone?

Dewi: Company most of the time, it’s better you can order more food ahah. But even when travelling it is always important to take care of myself and have some me-time. So I will always manage some alone time either waking up earlier or have another plan altogether from my travel companions for a day.

Gov: Both are as good and very different.

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