Snacks are undoubtedly part of kids/children diets. They are an important part of their eating habits as their smaller stomachs fill up fast while they also burn energy very quickly. Snacks are the solution to keep them nourished in between meals and contribute to the support of their wellbeing.


We all know kids don’t lie! So even for the little ones, the taste is not to be left aside! Because in the end, they have the final say!


When we started Oh Lily! we were amazed by seeing kids going around our stand and endlessly picking the water lily seeds we put on the table for sampling. Of course, parents would come at some point being sorry that the kids ate it all (kids know the good stuff 😉) and they would also be so surprised and glad that they picked on something actually good for them! For us, it is always such a pleasure when kids are enjoying our lilypops because there are no more honest customers than them! What a delight for us to see that our ancient superseed Lilypops are loved by the little ones <3 We heard from parents who chose Oh Lily! for themselves first, that they feel really good about being able to share a superfood snack with their kids.


Because when it comes to choosing a snack for children, parents have specific criteria, and here is the top 3:


It should be nutritious, healthy (less fat, less sugar, less salt), and tasty.


And that’s exactly why parents appreciate our lilypops to share with their kids. They get the same pleasure as their traditional snacks, but our Oh Lily! snacks bring them that added benefit they don’t want to compromise on anymore! No need to sacrifice taste over health! Horray!

Enjoy snacks all together and create wonderful memories click here

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