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Oh Lily! Discovery snack box . Savoury and sweet popped water lily seeds

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Discover our popped water lily seeds and embark on a conscious culinary journey!


Fulfill a craving without harming yourself. Discover our savoury

and sweet popped water lily seeds!

You just want to try them all:



3 savoury : 96 calories per bag and 0 sugar

-Cheezy vegan (popped water lily seeds and nutritional yeast

-French Riviera ( Popped water lily seeds Paprika and herbs)

-Indian Gold ( Popped water lily seeds and turmeric)



✓Naturally gluten free

✓Superfood snack


3 chocolate: 160 calories per bag

-Aztek treasure (Popped water lily seeds,70% dark chocolate and raw cacao)

-Parisian kiss ( Popped water lily seeds,70% dark chocolate and raspberry)

-Keralan snow ( Popped water lily seeds,70% dark chocolate and coconut)

Allergen : soya lecithin in the chocolate


✓vegan dark chocolate

✓Vegan Superfood Snack


These plant-based, gluten free and vegan snacks provide

a nutritious alternative to some of your favorite treats.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Oh Lily! Discovery snack box . Savoury and sweet popped water lily seeds.6 bags.

Lewis Evans

I tried the turmeric lily seeds in the Troo discovery box and really liked them and was intrigued. So I decided to buy the discovery box so I could try them all. Surprisingly the chocolate ones were amazing and incredibly moreish. I enjoyed them all but the cheese one wasn't as great as the rest.

I super appreciate the low calories too. They're really quite filling as a snack despite this! Would buy again!

Tracy Sutton
Packaging design lets down really tasty product

From the glossy, French illustrative style of the packaging my peers were put off the product. But when I tried the product, I was surprised - it was really good!

Jessica McGinnis-Robinson
Brilliant Snack - Bursting with flavor!

I ordered my discovery snack box to be sent all the way to the USA! It came so fast! Then, I was surprised to find a cool recipe book included with a handwritten thank you note. Wow! What great customer care and personalization! The snacks are incredibly tasty! My favorite is the Cheesy vegan. If you have a Cheetos addiction, swith over to OhLily! Popped water lily seed Cheesy flavor instead. The sweet ones are also very good. Chocolate lovers will be very satisfied. I had so much confidence in this product that I gave some to my toddler and she loved them! I will be ordering more.

Linda Cutts

Very different and yummy