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Oh Lily! Cheezy Vegan (nutritional yeast)

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 Crunchy water lily seeds with nutritional yeast

 Without a doubt, think of Oh Lily! as your healthy snack solution and the ultimate moreish vegan cheese snack with nutritional yeast.

First , the nutritional yeast meets our popped water lily seeds bringing you a dose of cheesy delish without real cheese! Definitly perfect as a topping for soups or salads adding that perfect umami flavour, or as a light healthy snack for those who want to ditch the late night potato crisps.

  • Crispy and cheesy water lily seeds.
  • An easy and vegan snack for parties, barbecues and family gatherings.

Then you may ask cheeeez?? Yes, pleeez. Cheezy crunch at its best. That is to say : a nutty-tasting nutritional yeast is added to our popped water lily seeds together with freshly ground sea salt and black pepper sending you into a cheezy trance, to cheezy heaven.

Enjoy an award winning snack!

In short : Indulge in the savoury moreishness of our cheezy vegan flavour  You just can’t get enough of that nutty cheezy taste!

 Also Oh Lily! snacks are:

  • ✓Plant based 
  • ✓Super food snack

 Overall , here's a plant-based snack full of delicious, high-quality ingredients, nutritional yeast is synonym of vegan cheese!

Indeed, Oh Lily! is an  indulgent snack for vegans and everyone : crunchy water lily seeds seasoned with nutritional yeast. 


Water lily seeds, nutritional yeast, Guérande sea salt, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil

 Last but not least at Oh Lily! we offer :

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✓Worldwide shipping 

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Michelle Grant

My favourite flavour

Anita Hardy

So good