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Oh Lily! Aztec Treasure (dark chocolate and raw cacao powder)

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Crunchy water lily seeds with raw cacao 

Introducing an entirely new and plant based way to enjoy raw cacao powder and dark chocolate as a healthy snack or dessert

A lot of cacao can be very high in fat and sugar. However, we’re committed to offering a healthier alternative that doesn't compromise on taste and are bursting with goodness.

Enjoy the benefits of cacao with our popped water lily seeds that are enrobed with 70% dark chocolate and dusted with raw cacao powder enriching your body with essential minerals like magnesium and flavonoids.

✓vegan dark chocolate 

✓ Naturally gluten free


  • Carefully selected cacao to provide nourishment
  • Add delightful crunch
  • Works great in desserts


Double up on the chocolate,  real chocolate lovers! Aztec Treasure lets us discover the beauty of raw cacao meeting 70% dark chocolate - a divine chocolate experience to be savoured bite by bite.

Perfect as a companion to your afternoon tea or sweet craving mid-day. Enjoy!



water lily seeds, dark chocolate (Cacao 70,5%, sugar, cacao powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin), raw cacao powder

Allergen: soya


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